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Personal Data:
Hon. Florence Mutua was born in 1968 to an intertribal marriage between a Luhya father and a Kamba mother. She is the first born and the only daughter in a family of four siblings.
Up bringing:
Born Florence Mwikali Mutua of a Luhya father and a Kamba mother, the young Florence (Mama County) was 3 years old when her father passed on, a situation that led to her having a mixed upbringing both in the Luhya and Kamba nations.
After the death of her father, the young Florence was taken in by her maternal grandparents who gave her Kamba names in line with the tradition of naming a first grandchild. The grandparents brought her up since her mother worked out of town. When young Florence was eight years old, her mother remarried, coincidentally in the same location as her late father effectively bringing her back within the purview of her father’s clan.
As the first born and only girl, Florence had the duty of being a role model to her siblings, a task she carried out diligently at the time when the girl child was not of much focus to the society besides getting married. She showed her peers the way to higher education and hither to, Hon. Florence, commonly referred to as Mama County, boasts of;

• - University of Nairobi - Masters Degree – Project Planning & Management
• - Kenya Methodist University – Bachelors in Business Administration
• - Kenya Polytechnic - Diploma in Medical Secretarial
• - Kenya School of Professionals Studies – Diploma in Business Management
• - Holds a Public Relations Certificate among many others….
Marital Status:
Hon. Florence tied the knot with Mr. Livingstone Waingah, her beloved husband who hails from Marachi North Ward, Butula, Bukuyudi Village. They are blessed with many children presently in various stages of life.
Prior Experience:
Prior to joining politics, Hon. Florence worked in Aga Khan Hospital for 7 years as a Senior Medical Secretary in the Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia and was later promoted to Executive Assistant in the new Executive Pavilion Wing, Aga Khan Hospital. She later joined the United Nations in various capacities where she worked for 13 years with her last position being that of a Senior Official in the Food Security Cluster, World Food Programme.
The experience with the Aga Khan and the United Nations was exciting in Florence’s career and led her to firsthand experience with the sick and underprivileged in various societies world over. This instilled in her the need to always be there for such populace and nurse them as a mother.
The inner motivation to serve such people from the altar of politics was born in the once polite Florence Mutua – Waingah at this juncture. She is also an entrepreneur and also has business interests in Busia County as well.
Hon Florence Mutua-Waingah is also the Vice Chairlady of Women Democracy Network Kenyan Chapter. She is also secretary in Kenya Women Parliamentary Association and the Ambassador for Women in Parliament.
In the year 2010, Florence saw an opportunity to help the underprivileged in the society as this has been her pet subject. The new constitution had come with exciting provisions especially the Bill of Rights and Devolution which resonated with her plans for her people of Busia. She therefore campaigned vigorously for the passage of the new constitution. She never missed an opportunity to remind women and youth of the benefits they stand to gain so as to get out of marginalization.
With the passage of the Kenya Constitution, 2010 - sky was the limit for the political Florence. She was to later declare her candidature for the newly created position of County Women Representative for Busia County. In March, 2013 she was elected with a landslide and presently sits in two key Committees in parliament namely;
• The Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperatives, and
• The Committee on Regional Integration
• ODM party: She is a very strong supporter of the party. She is currently the national deputy organizing secretary i.e. she supports the party at various forums.

The Florence Persona:
From her humble upbringing, Hon. Florence has grown to be an independent-minded leader with an even-keel temperament, charismatic speaking skills and a knack for consensus-building. She is visionary and has great interest in women, youth, children and PLWD.
Her values are strongly shaped by her expertise as a medic, social worker and her Christianity background. She is one politician who mingles easily with everybody in the society and likes listening a lot to the underprivileged.
Hon. Florence has a burning agenda to improve the quality of life in her Busia County and Kenya at large. This is confirmed by a number of activities she continues to organize or participate in both within and without Busia County.
Hon Florence has great interest in serving all but the special attention to the vulnerable in society i.e. the women, youth, orphans, children & the people living with disability. She strongly believes in both the girl and boy child who strongly feature in her day to day county programmes.


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