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The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) statement on co-operative identity defines a cooperative as an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their various economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise. The development of a country depends not only on the government development plans but also on the extent to which its people are actively involved in economically productive activities. The Cooperative sector has been identified throughout the world as one of the surest ways through which people can be democratically involved in social and economic development. Cooperatives act as agents towards sustainable community development and are very effective in enabling people exert control over their economic livelihoods.
Cooperatives continue to play an increasingly important role in facilitating job creation, economic growth and social development. To be effective and successful, co-operatives must continuously achieve two interrelated goals, to enhance viability and improve ability to serve its members and to remain economically viable, innovative and a competitive enterprise.
It is with this in mind that the Busia National Government Affirmative Action Fund committee believes that for a Sacco to be visionary and well equipped it must have the required skills and knowledge to provide the guidance and direction needed. Hence ensure that as many as possible Sacco’s are trained so that they survive and positively impact on the community as a whole.
It is therefore, an integral part of our plans to improve the living standards of people in Busia County through Sacco’s. Such Societies will be able to continue to offer affordable loans to their members through member to member guarantees, support education loans and books and introduce vibrancy in the society thus alleviating poverty.
In this respect, my offices already started working by facilitating and supporting SACCOS in each constituency for youth, women, interested boda boda groups and interested physically challenged groups. Constituency Sacco’s will also ensure that members know each other well for guaranteeing purposes.
In 2016 we did capacity building for 14 Sacco’s. We supported targeted approved Sacco’s to increase their capital base in order to loan their members as a revolving fund.

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Busia is a county in the former Western Province of Kenya. It borders Kakamega County to the east, Bungoma County to the north, Lake Victoria and Siaya County to the south and Busia District, Uganda to the west.

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