Mentorship for girls at Elwanikha A.C.K supplied with sanitary pads.
Mentorship for boys at Emukhuyu Secondary supplied with accessories
Nominees for International Women's day 2015
With my Muslim Lady Friends
Supporting in the construction of a Madrassa in Teso South
Mentored Butula Girls Students and given them sanitary pads and panties
Visiting a family in Butula Constituency
Attending a Graduation at New Light Academy Bunyala
With the table banking graduands
In Teso South during Mothers Day
Visit by Her Excellency Mrs Ruto in Bukuyudi,Butula
Visit by Her Excellency Mrs Ruto in Bukuyudi,Butula
Visit by Her Excellency Mrs Ruto in Bukuyudi,Butula
Infront of St Benedicts
Irrigation scheme to be emulated.
Infront of St Benedicts
In memory of Late Caroline pioneer of the school in Budalangi
Jigger Campaign in Busia County
With the newly elected Maendeleo ya Wanawake national officials at State House
At Hon Mishi Mboko's sisters traditional wedding
County Women MPs Seminar
Launch of the women/youth company in Busia County
In Teso South during Mothers Day
With the orphans given 10 beds and mattresses n pillows by WEF
At the WDN Kenyan Chapter Launch
With Hon Noor Nominated MCA, Busia
with the 7kg baby born on Busia named Van Persie
During the Mama Ni Mmoja Foundation Launch with First Lady and Hon Netto of Ndhiwa
Luhya Council of Elders at a visit in Butula
An aerial view of busia county
A map of busia county
Visiting Muslim Women during Ramadhan
Planting a tree with Inmates in Korinda Prison during a visit
Butula Pikipiki Sacco

Word From the County Woman, MP Busia

Dear Busia County,

Good folks, to realize our vision for Busia County, we first and foremost need to put our political affiliations aside and work as a team. Remember the saying, ‘united we stand and divided we fall’. It is my prayers that in Busia County, we will always look at things within the same telescopic lenses and have a united approach to matters development without necessarily compromising our principles. As leaders, we must be able to adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.

People of Busia, as we envisage making Busia the County of Choice in Kenya, the County leaders will need to work on identifying alternative livelihoods and improving the existing ones so that our people will have numerous alternatives and as such, spoilt for a choice. This is the only way of empowering them economically and socially and, the only way of making Busia the Land of opportunities.

I am well aware that this vision we have set for our County may seem unreachable now. So it is not surprising that some would have us stay where we are at a little longer to rest, to wait. But this I tell you, nothing good has been done by such people. These town centers of Busia, even Nambale, Malaba and others, this County of Busia, this entire country of Kenya was not built by those who waited and rested and wished to look behind them. This Country was built by those who moved on a slogan of forward ever backward never. This is how Busia County will be built. 
The road to this envisaged success may not be an easy walk for a start but definitely it has a finish line. It may seem farfetched but I assure you its real, it may seem miles away but reachable, rough but navigable. YES WE CAN DO IT and WE HAVE TO DO IT. We have to do it since the alternative is not an option, unthinkable and outright bad for our beautiful County. I know we may not have much on our hands, but I am glad we have God, positive Vision, Hope, Determination and great leaders.

As leaders, the onus is on us to individually and collectively give back to this society. It is unfortunate that this Affirmative Women Representative seat was not allocated any funds like the Constituency Development Fund. This is why as the County Women MPs, we have drafted a Bill to address this glaring gap. The draft Bill is ready for the first reading in Parliament and will be tabled after the recess. We are banking on the support of the Constituency MPs on this very important cause to build our Counties.

At a personal level however, I have approached various donors and I am hopeful of their support for Busia County. I have never failed to mention Busia County development agenda in whatever relevant forum which I have been privileged to attend and or address both locally and internationally. I will not get tired of knocking many doors to get assistance for my people.

I am already working hand in hand with the County Executive led by the Governor and County Assembly Members to put our development agenda into focus. I do this with the understanding that my freedom to pursue my own individual dreams is made possible by the promise that if fate causes me to stumble or fall, then my larger Busia County family will be there to lift me up. That if we're willing to share even a small amount of life's risks and rewards with each other, then we will all have the chance to make the most of our God-given potential. I have a 10 point agenda which together defines my pillar for development of Busia County:

  • Reduction of extreme poverty and hunger and ensure food security 
  • Promotion of easy access to clean and safe drinking water
  • Improvement of functional health facilities as well as access to these
  • Improvement of access to basic education especially at pre primary and primary school levels
  • Improvement and provision of conducive learning and teaching environment for quality education
  • Improvement of maternal health and reducing child mortality 
  • Improvement of psychosocial support to people affected and infected with HIV and AIDS. Furthermore, work closely with the traditional leaders to overcome cultural rated barriers to treatment and care of PLWHA
  • Enhance local, trans-border and international business opportunities for local entrepreneurs in Busia
  • Participatory and open leadership by working closely with women and youth to ensure they actively participate in all structures of decision making as well as the electoral process.
  • In all endeavors ensure the participation of vulnerable and disadvantaged segments of society as well as ensure their empowerment; harness the power of the mass media and technology to communicate as well as get feedback in this effort

So I need your help. I need your help to put back poor children in classroom, delivering mothers in quality maternal care, women and youth in well organised profit making ventures. I need your help because I cannot do this alone. Single handedly, I cannot achieve the above 10 point agenda. However, with adequate funding and donor support and in conjunction with the County and National Governments, nothing is impossible.

God bless you, God Bless Busia County.


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Through the “Retain Girls in School” Project, girls in Busia will be provided with undergarments, sanitary pads and hygiene sessions.


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Busia County is one of the fastest growing counties economically.I have had the priviledge of visiting the county and i have witnessed a good agricultural economy and a vibrant economy with the various factories in the county.

Joseph Rajula Ochieng

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"

Martin Luther King Jr

Gender Equality is more than agoal itself.It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty,promoting sustainable development and good governance.

Kofi Annan,UN Secretary 1997-2006

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